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Question 1: Which actor is set to wear the black cape as the latest Batman in an upcoming feature film on the superhero?

Correct Answer: (B) Robert Pattinson

Question 2: Which team did Namibia defeat to register its first-ever win in a T20 World Cup match?

Correct Answer: (A) Netherlands

Question 3: Which city now boasts the highest ‘infinity pool in the world’?

Correct Answer: (D) Dubai

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Question 4: During a game of this sport, which of these scores are you likely to see?

Correct Answer: (C) 15-0

Question 5: This ancient statue is believed to depict which Greek goddess?

Correct Answer: (A) Aphrodite

Short Answers

Correct Answer 1: (B) Robert Pattinson Correct Answer 2: (A) Netherlands Correct Answer 3: (D) Dubai Correct Answer 4: (C) 15-0 Correct Answer 5: (A) Aphrodite